30 July 2012. 9:42 AM. "Hurry up"

How you've grown little child, how you've grown.
How you've grown from this little mass of flesh into this gorgeous little adult. Is it just me, or do all parents think their baby is the cutest?

I love how you go for food. Just like your dad, eh Mimi? Yesterday for breakfast, you I gave you ham sandwiches. It was hilarious the way you were climbing onto me, opening your mouth wide like a shark. And then, chomping up the tiny bits of ham.


Night before last, your dadu and me were drinking beer. And you scampered close to me and peered into the mug of beer. I smiled at you, you smiled back. And you climbed up, nodding your head from side to side with a drunken look on your face. Which means that you want what I'm having.

I was temped to give you a sip (after all, a sip can't hurt, can it?) But I didn't. There's still time for those things. So hurry up baby, grow up.

I can't wait. I can't wait for us to go traveling together, to share a drink and smoke together, to cook together, to write stories about each other, together. Hurry up. I had you at 26 for a reason. So I could still be young when you would turn into a young adult.

I'm 29 now. You're 8 months.
Hurry. You have a lot of catching up to do.

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One Response to 30 July 2012. 9:42 AM. "Hurry up"

  1. Sweet. With a pinch of error and a lot of love. But please don't tell mimi to hurry up to grow.... I want my tiny baby to be a baby so that she clings on to me every time she sees me with some gurggly-giggle and excitement. She wont do that when she's all grown up and nor would she put her face on my lips at 4am to say she's up and so should I be, cz its time to feed.



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