31 May 2012. 9:42 AM. "Humility"

Your mother got a call late last night from Pooja Maashi saying that you started crawling frontwards for the first time. I was groggy and almost 3/4th into a beautiful dream about me and you and a dog named boo - but I had a good mind to drive 40 kms down and see you do it.

That's the trouble with this long distance relationship. We're missing out on these beautiful things.
But parents sometimes have to make tough choices. And this is one we had to make. Both your mother and me need to earn so you can have a better life than we did.

And if that means we have to be this horrid long distance relationship of kissing goodnight on Skype, exchanging pictures of you growing up instead of seeing it for real, so be it.

So be it.

But that's not what I wanted to talk to you about today. No, today I wanted to talk to you about something my mother often talks to me about.
The art of being humble.

I was never a very humble kind of person myself to be honest. I thought I was a rockstar [and if you ask around, you'll know I was]. I was an arrogant ass.
And here's the thing. It's okay to be arrogant. It's okay to be the cat's whiskers. It's okay to be cocky as hell. But you can only go so far with that.

This is something I'm learning now.

You're going to grow up to be one of the smartest women in the world - with Divya's and my genes, you can't avoid it. You're going to do remarkable things in the world, you're going to earn more money than I've seen in my life. Your name will be whispered with awe in all the offices and in all the newspaper offices.

And it is then, that you should stay grounded. True to your roots, true to what you believe in. Still simple in your thoughts, still as clean as you are today, still with that child-like smile, still innocent.

The world will try it's best to make you change. It'll try and bend you and break you and twist you to become someone else - and when that time comes, stand strong.

Stand for something.

But, there's a long way to go for all of this. You're just 6 and a half months now. There'll be enough time for lessons of life and of worldly advice.

Right now, sleep my pretty doll.
And dream of something too fantastic to write about.

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2 Responses to 31 May 2012. 9:42 AM. "Humility"

  1. But where is she and where are you? =(


  2. She's in Noida with my in-laws. We're at Gurgaon.



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