19 August 2013. 6:57 AM. "Mark"

I was up earlier than usual today Mimi, and I was just pottering about the house, looking into this, shuffling that.
I couldn't help notice most of the house filled with colourful crayon marks. The walls have it, the tables have it, the bedside has it, the floors have it. Hell, even my Mac has it.

I know we've told you many times over not to go about colouring just anywhere you feel like, but here's the truth darling.
Each stroke that I see today has its own story.

The marks on the table for instance are of that time when you wanted to play yesterday, and I was too busy. So in anger you coloured the entire table. The marks around the corners of the bed are of that time when Mother Hen was at office and you and me were playing. You took a crayon, put it on the bed and just walked around with it without lifting the damn thing.

When we leave this flat and move into another one, the people that move in here will see what you've left behind. They'll interpret it their own way. They'll encourage their own children to do it. Or, they may of course whitewash over it.

But that's not the point.
The point is that it's always a good idea to leave your mark behind.

Sure, some marks aren't worth keeping. Some marks will be whitewashed over. Some marks won't stand the test of time. But out of the hundreds and thousands you draw, a few are bound to be left behind.

Do not go silently into the night baby.
Guffaw. Laugh. Scream. Clap. Express.

Leave a little bit of you behind for the world to cherish.
Love you.

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3 Responses to 19 August 2013. 6:57 AM. "Mark"

  1. I was introduced to this blog of yours once when someone shared it on facebook. I was taking my usual train to work. That day I read the whole of it. 2 hours of my journey from my home to work, I was reading it. It is so superbly narrated, can actually visualise every bit of it.

    I really look forward to you updating this particular blog of yours, a big fan :).

  2. Absolutely love the way you conclude any post on this blog. Very touching. Look forward to more. :)



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