16 October 2012. 7:22 AM. "Walk - Part 1"

If rumour and Mrs Nani Nair are to be believed, you walked for the first time yesterday. Just two steps, but what the hell? A walk is a walk is a walk.

As usual, Mom and me weren't around to see this. Speaking of which, we're hunting like blood-thirsty cavemen for nannies to look after you. We've met one who used to work at Bipasha Basu's house. When you grow up, Bipasha will be a slim, tall gorgeous beauty.

The magic of Botox.

Anyway, I wanted to give you some advice on walking. So pour yourself a nice glass of juice, resist the temptation to light up a smoke, pull your laptop closer and pay attention.

Never walk two feet at a time. 
Walking is a good thing. You go forward. You walk towards something you want - a bottle of milk (that's what you were going for incidentally last night), a slide at a playground, your mom, a jewelery store, a man.
Yes, walking takes you closer to the things you love. The places you'd rather be. But remember this, my love. While one foot of yours is going to conquer new lands, keep your other foot where it was before - even momentarily. Appreciate where you came from. Hold on to your roots. But always walk.

Walk with your head down, from time to time.
Yes, I want you to be proud. I want you to be confident. But you know the problem of walking around with your head held high? You don't always see what's in front of you. And we all know what happens when we don't keep an eye on the road, don't we? We trip and fall. So, take it from Dad. Bow your head from time to time, survey your surroundings. Keep a lookie on your little feet - sometimes feet have a mind of their own, and they wander off without the consent of the owner.

Shake hands
Your dad generally walks around with his hands in his pocket, smart ass that he is. Don't do what he does, and you'll go far. Keep your hands open. As you walk, touch things along the way. Screw hygiene, experiences are far more important. Sometimes what feels really good to the feet may not feel as good to the hand. So take a second opinion sometimes - it helps. Don't be snooty, make friends along the way. Shake hands when you meet, ask them their name, smile. Sometimes it helps to walk together, sometimes it doesn't. You'll know what's right for you.

Many dinosaurs will tell you to walk slowly, never to run. As you may have gathered, I disagree. I've never 'walked slowly' and I've done just fine so far. The thing is, darling Mimi, sometimes you'll feel the need to walk, and sometimes you'll hear your heart telling you to break into a run. Always listen to your heart. People (your parents included) don't. We listen to the head. We want what's best for you. But it's your heart that knows what's good for you. We want to play it safe. Your heart wants to make you feel alive. And honestly, I think that's a better way to go about things. But even when you're sprinting, when you've left everyone behind in a cloud of gaussian blur, pause a moment to catch a breath of fresh air. Don't overtire yourself. Sit upon a rock, smell the fresh scenery, take a little swim - relax. Walk again for a gentle while, before your heart tells you to run again.

I want to go on sweety, but unfortunately, I have to travel to the ends of the earth (Greater Noida) for a meeting. Safe to say then, that this isn't the end to this post. As the saying goes, "I'll be back."

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3 Responses to 16 October 2012. 7:22 AM. "Walk - Part 1"

  1. Beautiful words. Simply, beautiful :)

  2. Beautiful! Bodhi i must say you are a fabulous writer, highly impressed once again... Your daughter will be proud of you.

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