15 August. 6:30 PM. Happy Independence Day

Gosh, feels like I met you after ages today. And to be fair, it was. I was away in Bangalore because Pishi just delivered a baby, and I wanted to be around when it happened. I remember calling you last Friday to apologize for not being able to take you for the weekend. And since neither you or me will remember what it was that you said, I'm writing it down here so it's on record. 

'Mimi, I know tomorrow is Saturday, and normally we spend the weekend together. But I have to be here with her. Are you okay with that?'
'Of course Baba.'
'I know it's the weekend. And you must have been looking forward to spending time with me, but I just can't make it.'

'It's okayyyyy! We have many more weekends coming up.'

I think I teared up a bit when you said that. How are you, a tiny almost-seven year old so kind, so forgiving, so understanding?

You're growing up to be this wonderful fiercely independent person, a bubbling ball of positive energy. I quite honestly don't remember seeing you do anything nasty to anyone, or putting anyone down.

Except calling nanu fat, which we discussed wasn't a good thing to say.

Everyone's talking about how the world we're living in is heading towards a horrible place. But if there is you, and kids like you around, tomorrow seems much, much better than today. And I know I'll be old and grey and quite possibly bald with a barrage of life threatening diseases following me around, but I can't wait to be around to see the world with adult you in it.

Happy independence day, doll.
Love you to bits and back.

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