17 Nov 2017. 9:31 AM. 'Bullies'

Hello dearest.
You must be at school now. Me, I'm at work. Just got myself a banana shake, in my effort to have a healthy breakfast. Will probably top that up with a nice oily samosa.
I'm not.
I am.

You've been telling me about this boy in your school who keeps bullying you. Apparently once, he pushed you so hard, your glasses fell off. He does that to quite a few children too, you tell me.

That hurts me, to see you get hurt. And I've been thinking of how I should tackle this. Should I talk to his parents? Should I have a strong word with your class teacher? Should I speak to him?

I met him at your birthday party too. I saw you and your friend running away from him. He was chasing you with something. When I caught him, and opened his fist, I saw a hair clip. You told me later on, that he was poking you guys with it.

Strangely enough, when I asked him what he was doing with it, he said he was trying to open a secret lock. I asked him to show me where this secret lock was. He took me to a tiny hole in the wall, and said he was trying to put the clip inside that and open the hole up.

Imaginative kid.

I spoke to your mother about him. You probably don't know this, but he's going through a rough patch. His parents too, have just split up. While that is no excuse to behave the way he does, I can understand where he's coming from.

We all have our little baggages. You have yours. I have mine. This little kid too, has his share of monsters. And we all have different ways in dealing with these monsters. Some people close up, some start abusing alcohol and drugs, some hanker for affection, some turn violent.

And any other day, I would have told you to sucker punch this kid right in the face, so he doesn't try these tricks with you again.

But not today.
Today, I'm asking you to empathise. I'm asking you to put yourself in his shoes. I'm asking you to understand where he's coming from.

And I know this is going to sound crazy, but I'm asking you to be his friend. Don't run from this little bugger. When he chases you, turn around and face him. Look him straight in the eye, and give him a hug. Tell him that you'd like to be his friend.

Because my dear Mimi, that's what he wants right now. All this poking and chasing and shoving is just a ruse for being loved. So love him. Be his go-to person. When he tries to bully other kids, stop him. Tell him not to hurt people.

It's easier said than done, I know. And I know I'm asking a lot from you. But I'm asking you only because I know, if there's anyone who can put someone else before themselves, it's you.

You'll meet plenty of bullies in your life. And while I'm around at least, I'll show you how to deal with all kinds of them.

Love you to the end of the flat earth and back

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One Response to 17 Nov 2017. 9:31 AM. 'Bullies'

  1. Are they friends now ..?

    P.S. I'm pretty sure, the earth isn't flat.



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