9 Aug 2013. 9:40 PM "Bullies"

Darling Mimi

The world is filled with good people, bad people.
And bullies.

You'll find them at school, you'll find them at college, you'll find them at your work, no doubt. Bullies are basically people with inferiority complexes. That makes them want to bully others and project an air of superiority. Only, that doesn't quite happen, does it?

A bully will push you, nudge you, steal your tiffin, throw you to the ground, beat you and punch you. Let them. Let them do all they can. Don't complain, don't fight back.

There are two things that can happen Mimi.
One - the bullies will go away. They'll get bored with pushing you around and eventually retreat into their little worlds of no consequence.
Two: You'll end up bottling an anger inside you, like a pressure cooker.

That's good.
Don't burst, at least not yet.

Bottle yourself up. Let the pressure keep piling, till your goose is almost cooked. Then, when the bullies least expect it, come down on them. Hard. Hit them where it hurts. Scratch out their eyes, smash their testicles (if they have any), beat their heads to a pulp.

Don't ever threaten to do things. Wait for when the time is right, and then do them.
Don't ever let bullies get the better of you baby.

Keep a cool head, always.
Peace of mind is the most important thing, and don't let anyone let them take it away from you. Not your friends, not your boyfriends, not your husband - not even me.

Bullies you'll see baby, eventually die out.
Keep your head strong, because that's your best weapon when dealing with bullies.

Sure you'll get hurt and come crying to me. Sure things will get too much. Sure you'll want to run away.
But don't.

Because if you escape, the bullies will have found a permanent victim in you. Stay put where you are, stay strong.
Let the bastards keep pushing, keep pushing.

There will come a time, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but a day when you'll push them away completely for good.
And if you can't, what am I here for?

Your friend

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