29 April 2013. 10:07 AM. "Good Company"

There are broadly two kinds of people in this world Mimi, and the sooner you know of them, the better. So grab that bottle of milk, here take a cookie and sit on my lap. Let me tell you about the people who will make you, and the people who'll break you.

As you grow darling, you'll find helpful people along the way. You'll find them at school, protecting you from the bullies. You'll find them at home, teaching you to walk. You'll find them in the swimming pool, in the guise of a coach.

When you grow a little bit more, you'll find them at college. You'll find a guy with ruffled hair offering to study together. You'll find a comforting shoulder in your BFF. You'll find it in the canteen guy who gives you a Coke and says, yes you can pay later.

These are the Pushers, Mimi. They push you forward from where you are to where you'd like to be. Sometimes you'll see them, and sometimes you won't. Sometimes the push will be big, propelling towards a different rung on the ladder altogether. Sometimes, it'll just be a gentle nudge pushing you away from the puddle you didn't know was there.

If you can, as you grow, acknowledge these people from time to time. Thank them in person, and if you can't do that, thank them in your prayers. Because it's because of them that you are where you are today.

In return, push others like the others pushed you. Help someone grow, if you can. Teach someone something. Make someone laugh, or smile. If you see obstacles in someone's way, remove them - so their journey is as smooth as yours was.

They're good people, these Pushers. Stay in their company for as long as you can, and you'll find yourself growing, shining, becoming a better person.

But here's the hard bit Mimi. For every Pusher trying to push you up towards the light, there's a Puller trying to pull you down towards the dark pit of stagnation. These creatures are lowly creatures, their homes in the deepest center of Earth, a burning inferno of hell. As they journey downward, they try and take people along with them for the ride.

Be careful, Mimi for the Pullers have many disguises. It's hard to spot one, for they could be in the form of your friends, your colleagues, someone you met online. It could even be a member of your family.

By nature, the Pullers are jealous. They have no ambition to grow, and dislike it when others do. That girlfriend of yours who says your boyfriend is bad for you could in all probability be envious of the fact that you have one. So always Mimi, always see things objectively. Use your own judgement all the time. Access things in a mature way, and you'll find you're the better for it.

Once you recognize a Puller, stay away from him/her like you would, the plague. They're negative forces keeping you away from where you'd like to be. They'll hurt you, back-stab you and eventually pull you to the ground.

At the end Mimi, the world is really made up of two kinds of people. People who make you happy. And people who don't.

Know which one is which.
And if you can't tell the difference, ask Baba.

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