22 February 2013. 7:13AM. "Bad daddy"

Gosh, will you look at that Mimi?
It's been over 4 months and no post from daddy. Horrible, horrible father. Just no time for his cute as button daughter.

Truth be told, I've been very very busy. I've been busy with irrelevant things at office, chasing selfish dreams of fame. But I've also been busy watching you grow. Because Mimi, you really have grown.

You can walk now. And even though the world might say you look like a penguin when you do, I think there's a certain aristocracy in your walk. Your head is held high, and your bum hangs low. Of course this aristocracy goes out the window when you see a park, because then you run. Nothing remotely lady-like about that.

You can talk now too. You know how to say "hello". (Oh, and Mimi, the correct pronunciation is "Hello" and not "Heeeaaaaaow") Unless of course you're a cat, which you're not. You like phones, and you particularly like throwing them.

Here Mimi. Take Mommy's i-phone.

A couple of weeks back, we went to see a playschool with you, remember? You chased the children around. The were older to you. Must not do that baby. Be gentle with the world. And don't get over familiar with random people.

I did, and I had to pay a price for it. I got married.

Yeah, so we'll probably put you in that school. Seems like a nice place. There's one particular teacher who's quite pretty.

Daddy's such an evil daddy.
But Mimi, my love, would you have me any other way?

Where would you get your wickedness from if it wasn't for me? Where would you get that naughty little smile, if not from my genes? How could you be a terror inside the house, if it wasn't for my blood?

But there's evil Daddy, and then there's Bad Daddy.
Bad Daddy stays away from the house, chasing selfish goals. He puts off PTA meetings for client ones. He postpones trips to the zoo for business trips abroad. Bad Daddy has his head in the sand, oblivious to Mimi growing up outside. Bad Daddy comes back home after a bad day, and make sure everyone has a bad night. He fights with Mommy. He doesn't cook Mimi her favourite chicken (you know, the one with methi)

If at any point in our lives together, I ever become this Bad Daddy, please punch me hard across the face. You have full permission to. And here it is, in writing. Slap me hard into my senses my little baby. For sometimes, we get lost in quicksands of selfishness. It's a murky place where everything revolves around us - our meetings, our goals, our awards, our bosses, our deadlines.

The more we fight to get out, the more it sucks us in. So Mimi, if you ever find me there, slowly sinking away from all of you'll, throw me a stick and pull me out.

Till the next time you sleep, and I write
Your Dad

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